New OKC Pride Logo!

OKC Pride is proud to debut the winning entry in our Logo Redesign Contest, from Tyler McCarthy!

Over the past month we’ve been soliciting new OKC Pride logo submissions from our community.  We had a number of great submissions, so we want to thank every person who invested their creative minds for us.  We are so happy to be a part of a community like you!

With so many great options to choose from, making our final selection was a difficult process.  After initial evaluations of all the submissions received, we narrowed down our final selection round to a couple of top candidates, each of which highlighted both:

  • OKC Pride’s mission to promote and celebrate pride, diversity, equality, and community primarily related to sexual orientation and gender identity
  • OKC Pride’s location in Oklahoma City and its commitment of focusing on central Oklahoma

The winning entry came from Tyler McCarthy, a Kansas City native who now lives in Norman, OK.  Tyler’s submission included the following explanations of his thought process when designing the winning logo:

  • “What captures the identity Oklahoma City?  We are known for our hospitality, an essence that is captured in the Sky Dance Bridge which welcomes and connects people of all walks of life.  It is a westward facing view, symbolizing progress and looking towards the future.  There are no right angles inside the ‘bridge logo’ to symbolize how unique and different each LGBTQ person in Oklahoma City is, and how they fit together.  Creating something truly special.  Uniquely OKC.”
  • “There is a movement to the ‘bridge.’  Its asymmetrical shape sticks out in one’s memory and would be the perfect backdrop for photo ops during OKC Pride events.  Put this logo along side other cities’ pride logos and it definitely stands out!”

Look for a more complete bio on Tyler coming soon to our Sponsors page.  Thank you Tyler for your amazing work - we are excited to have this special logo represent us going forward!

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