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Verna Meadows

I’m proud to represent AIDS Walk. Every year we raise funds throughout the year and return it to the community in grants to nonprofits that provide direct care, services and education to those living with HIV/AIDS. Helping those people is my passion as evidenced in my work and volunteer life. Proud ally of the LGBT community and honored to help OKC Pride in this way.

Kendal Hallman

I’m the starting 3rd Baseman for the Sons of Pitches softball team, which is part of the Sooner State Softball Association - OKC’s LGBT adult softball league. I’m also on the Board for SSSA, responsible for all online media relations. When not playing sports, I work for the Hertz Corporation, compete in Crossfit, and snuggle with my 3 puppies.

Robin Dorner

I’m passionate about advocacy for causes near to my heart. In addition to being an avid supporter of many local and regional LGBTQ organizations, I serve on the board of Other Options and Friends Food Pantry and I’m the manager of their Humanitarian Medication Program. She is currently co-publisher and editor in chief of The Gayly, this region’s largest LGBTQ news source.

Mariah Aguirre

Hi! I am a 24 year old transgendered woman who resides in Yukon. I work as a lab tech at Integris Baptist Medical Center here in okc. I found my first home in the community at The Wreck Room when I was 17, it was there that I became active in the community by doing drag and it was there that, that I truly learned to love myself, my art, and learned who I could be. I will be forever grateful to the men and women who helped shape me!

Storm Shenold

I have been a proud supporter of the Oklahoma City community for almost half of my life. I joined the OKC Family Dart league where my exposure to the community grew. Because of that fateful night, I have made some of the best friends/turned family! I have been fortunate enough to work with such organizations as: Darts in the Heartland, NLA, OGRA, Darts Over OKC, The Winds House, AIDS Walk, Susan G Komen and OKC PRIDE!

Bently Ryan

I’ve been in the gay community for ten years doing drag for nine years. I am a huge supporter of the gay youth, knowing each individual should be able to express themselves freely without concern of being judged. My family means the world to me, friends and fur babies are something you can’t live without!

Bjuicy Hilton

I’m a Male Impersonator in the LGBT community. I think I would be a great choice as Prom King, cause I support my community, volunteer my time to organizations such as, pride, other options, and walks. This title would be another step towards supporting my community as well as Second chance prom. This title represent a good organization as well as a good platform and it would be my honor to support & be one of many awesome spokesman’s for this organization!

Donnie Wilson

I’ve raised 2 boys through high school and college, Retired from Wal-Mart Pharmacy after 26 years and I volunteer at other options food pantry along side of Mary Arbuckle for about 7 years. I’m proud and honored to be a part of the Boom for 4 yrs, alongside of John Gibbons and Kitty Bob. I’m very blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful and positive people that make a difference in others lives.

Angel Hamilton

I graduated from Mustang high school in 1995, where I was voted both prom queen and class clown. I’ve hosted and performed at venues across Oklahoma and Texas collectively for over 13 years to including The Copa, Angles, The Boom, Partners, Alibis, and The Loony Bin comedy club. She has served on the Pride board, volunteered her time, and orchestrated fundraisers for a multitude of LGBT and community events.

Allyson Page Henry

Allyson Paige Henry is a single mom to an amazing 8 year old son, who is a cancer survivor and holds a national title himself.  She started 5 years ago behind the scenes and learning the ropes, She uses her platform not only to entertain but also to give back to the community. She is proud to represent OGRA in the 2017 Prom Court.

Second Chance Prom is Going Footloose! Come enjoy the 2017 Second Chance Prom as OKC Pride is celebrating their 30th anniversary year!

OKC Pride is working hard to make this the best Second Chance Prom night yet! Come join us as we present the 4th annual Second Chance Prom on March 11, 8 PM to Midnight. This event is for age 21 & up only. This year’s event will be held at the New Covet House Warehouse at NW 4th St & N Klein and will feature the crowning of your Prom King and Prom Queen as always!

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