The Boom OKC

The Boom is the newest club on the strip.  Its front bar / back bar layout makes it a versatile venue, where you never know what you might run in to.

The back bar, which is a non-smoking area, includes a stage / performance space.  Here, in addition to weekly drag shows, The Boom also stages full-on productions of plays or musicals, always with a bit of a twist!

There is lots to do here throughout the week:

  • On Tuesdays, congregate in the front bar to sing your hearts out on the karaoke machine
  • On Wednesdays, have Dinner with Kitty Bob in the back bar - enjoy delicious food while Kitty and her crew raucously (but good-naturedly) entertain you
  • Come to the back bar on Thursdays for Trashy Thursdays, hosted by Renee Hilton
  • On Saturdays, steel yourself to be ripped apart (figuratively, of course) by one of OKC’s drag legends - Ginger Lamar, at the G-Spot!
  • If all that isn’t enough, on Sundays you can “drag” yourself to the back bar for food and worship at the Sunday Gospel Brunch.  Just don’t be surprised if the choir girls are a little tipsy!

OKC Pride is grateful to The Boom for its help with Pride 2014!

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