Why Sponsor OKC Pride?

Brand Exposure with a valuable consumer group.
Gain brand exposure to a dedicated, affluent consumer base of over 40,000 that attended last year’s OKC Pride festival and parade alone. This is a unique opportunity to introduce and position your brand with a valuable consumer group.

Sponsorships with both corporate, small-business and community in mind.
With the variety of events available for sponsorship, the OKC Pride line up truly offers something for every company. With the estimates of over 40,000 people that attended last year alone whether you target the entire LGBT community or a small segment of it or somewhere in between you’ll find the perfect marketing opportunity in our sponsorship packages.

Demonstrate your support for community.
You’ll be validating and reinforcing your existing market and associating your brand with a demonstrated, faithful constituency. The gay and lesbian consumers prefer to do business with those companies that support our community.

Fastest growing and most loyal market in the nation.
Demonstrate your support for your consumers and future consumers at a very local level. As you know
consumers feel good knowing that and tend to my more from companies they supported by and are
committed to being good corporate citizens. This is an inexpensive yet positive way to spend some of
your marketing dollars to capture part of the fastest growing, wealthiest, and loyal market in the nation,
our state, and our city!

Ready to sponsor Pride for 2013? Take a look at the sponsorship packages we are offering this year!

Or you can download a PDF copy of the Sponsorship package here.