Our Officers

OKC Price is a non-profit corporation led by a Board of Directors who are elected by all community members of OKC Pride

John Gibbons


John Gibbons was elected President of OKC Pride in July of 2016. He has served on the Board of Directors of OKC Pride for the past 8 years.  During the time John has served on the Board, OKC Pride Inc.  has grown to become one of the largest privately held events in Oklahoma City each year.  John currently is the CFO of Bay Entertainment LLC and former CEO and President of Citimac Mortgage Solutions Corporation. The company was sold in March of 2010.  Citimac Mortgage Solutions was one of the largest privately owned mortgage banking groups in the Midwest. For OKC Pride, john has served as the lead of the finance committee, and chairs the Entertainment committee that produces the Equality concert. The Equality Concert is a free outdoor concert featuring nationality recognizable musical acts. Attendance for the concert is estimated at over 10,000 people.

Kelley Blair

Kelley Blair

Vice President

Kelley Blair is a licensed professional counselor with nearly 20 years of experience working in the helping field with therapeutic and advocacy experience related directly to the LGBTQ community. Her passion lays in issues related to social justice especially related to diverse populations. Kelley skilled in research, grant writing, fundraising and program evaluation. She has extensive experience working in the nonprofit arena and serves on several LGBTQ related non-profit boards and social justice/civic community organizations. Currently, Kelley is the CEO/Executive Director of the Diversity Center of Oklahoma Inc., a nonprofit gender diverse mental health counseling agency, providing direct services to our community.


Aaron Wilder


Aaron is the Oklahoma Organizer for Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes. Before joining the reproductive rights movement, Aaron worked in progressive electoral politics at the local, state and tribal levels including as Development Director of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. Aaron is on the board for OKC Pride, member of the Democratic National Committee LGBT Advisory Board and has served on the Oklahoma Democratic Party Central Committee since 2015.

Gordon Beznoska

Gordon Beznoska


Gordon is a R.N. has been active in health care for most of his adult life and recently retired after working in nurse management serving as a house supervisor for a local hospital.  Holding degrees from Cameron University in both business and nursing he also has prior business experience working for property management firms and property and casualty insurance. Gordon learned politics at an early age having served in the Oklahoma State Legislature for three terms as he was first elected at the age of 21.  He has been listed as Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, Personalities of the South, and Campaign Chairman for the American Cancer Society in Comanche County. Above all, Gordon considers his greatest accomplishment as being a life partner with the late James R. ” Jim” Young for over 19 years.


OKC Price is a non-profit corporation led by a Board of Directors who are elected by all community members of OKC Pride. It is a true grassroots organization and anyone who supports the goals of OKC Pride is welcome to become a member. The Board of Directors is lead by a team of Officers who hold some specific responsibilities as spelled out in our bylaws.

Board Members and Committee Heads

Lana Story

Lana has a Bachelor Degree from Austin Peay State University in Tennessee with a certification to teach secondary English education. She lived in Nashville TN for 16 years working in corporate positions such as Verizon Wireless, Manheim Auto Auctions, and Quebecor Printing. Lana relocated to Oklahoma in April of 2016 when she accepted a position with Allison’s Fun Inc.’s event planning and business development department. Lana has over 10 years of experience in fundraising and non-profit work with agencies such as the United Way, Nashville Pride, Susan G Komen Cancer Society and Southeast LGBT Spirit. She worked and judged the drag pageant circuits of Miss Continental, Continental Plus, EOY, and Miss Nashville Pride for over 13 years. Lana is excited to apply her experience to helping OKC Pride be the most diverse and respected LGBTQ community it can be!!!

Amanda Kerri

This will be Amanda Kerri’s third year as a board member for OKC Pride.  She began her participation after being asked to emcee the Saturday entertainment in 2014 and joined as a board member in November of that year.  Since then she has helped coordinate the entertainment aspect of OKC Pride weekend in every aspect.  She also has worked to help plan the first Transgender Valentines Banquet in 2015, as well as helping run other events throughout the year.  Aside from her work with OKC Pride, Amanda is also a writer with The Gayly as the Transgender Issues columnist, as well as a regular contributor to The Advocate.

Jeff Jordan

Jeff has been a Board Member for OKC Pride for the past 3 years. Jeff’s main area of emphasis for OKC Pride is the “Second Chance Prom”, the “Opening Ceremony” for Pride week, and the Beer Tent at Pride. Jeff is employed as an Oklahoma State Trooper and is retired form United States Army Reserve. Jeff enjoys the Oklahoma City Thunder, Energy FC, and Sunday Fundays with family and friends.

Sheri Dickerson

Rev. T. Sheri Dickerson, an Oklahoma Native, is the founder and current Ex. Director of Black Lives Matter Oklahoma. She serves on several civic and community advocacy organizations. She is a currently serves on the boards of the following orgs. MLK coalition , OKC PRIDE, Diversity Center of OK,  and the Board Secretary of the Nat’l association of Black Social Workers. She also was recently appointed to the OCRJ (Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice) board. She’s a certified Holistic Doula and Midwife, and part of the collaborative Birth Workers for Women of Color. She celebrates her love of the Arts as a member of the IAO poetry committee, and the Dramatic Flair’s actor’s troupe. She’s a published poet, and has traveled abroad performing her original works, and Afro-Latina narratives.   She is a minister at Church of the Open Arms, and Clerical Associate at Expressions Church. She works with several youth mentoring programs, and is a volunteer with the YWCA in their stomping out Racism campaign. She is a graduate of Lemoyne Owen College and NOVA theological Seminary. Her passions include: activism against forms of injustice, community organizing, and all things Purple. She always stresses to her friends, colleagues and allies, she is simply Sheri. And just wants to help positively help elevate Society to its most optimum level. LOVE is her foundational core, and daily mission.

Neill Spurgin Coffman

Pastor Neill started in ministry more than 25 years ago while still in the closet. In 2000, he stepped out of the closet and resigned his position as pastor of a church in his home town. After a long personal journey, he and his husband, Dean, birthed a church on April 6, 2021 called Expressions Community Fellowship (which today is known as Expressions Church). In July 2009 the church moved to its current location on the “Gay Strip” in the heart of Oklahoma City. Shortly afterwards, God spoke to Pastor Neill to start Expressions Community Center, a cooperative services environment which reaches more than 2,400 clients a year.  ECC houses a variety of HIV testing, treatment, and prevention programs including mental health services, DHS case management, and other agencies operating in collaboration. Partnerships have also expanded to include non-HIV related services such as homeless youth outreach, LGBT youth meetings, English as a second language classes, and various support groups.

Lori Downs

Lori Downs joins the board from volunteering for OKC Pride for two years. Lori has volunteered doing fundraising, selling merchandise, recruiting other volunteers and organizing events. Lori is currently in law school with an emphasis on criminal defense, while studying civil rights. Lori also volunteers for a local pit bull rescue and a few other non-profit organizations.

Sara Cunningham

Sara’s appreciation for Oklahoma City Pride began the day she stood alongside her husband in support of their gay son on the corner of NW 39th and Penn at the 2014 Pride Parade. That day inspired the writings of the last chapter in her now published book; How We Sleep at Night - A mother’s memoir. The story tells of how she came to terms with her son being gay and the journey that took her from the Church to the Pride Parade without losing her faith.  Today she is not only the proud, loving Mom of an LGBTQ child, but she has become a leading voice for faith parents of LGBTQ children. She offers “Free Mom Hugs” and is committed to putting a face on the Transgender community, one that she considers to be precious and most misunderstood. She is a moving speaker, powerful advocate and ally. Sara Cunningham joins the Oklahoma City Pride Board with a shared vision to see the LGBTQ community and NW 39th Street recognized, valued and celebrated as a vital part of Oklahoma.

Meredith Owens

Meredith identifies as a 29 year old love enthusiast. Meredith says she is a “straight ally to the LGBTQ community and have found great joy in serving our community. I look forward to the upcoming years as an Okc Pride board member and how I can make a difference!”

Dustin Quintanilla

Dustin Quintanilla was elected to the OKC Pride Board in 2016 after being an active member of the community since 2013 when he volunteered for his first OKC Pride event, where he quickly dove in. He has been enthusiastically involved in every Pride event thereafter.  Dustin is happily married to his partner Hugo, they recently were married on their 6 year anniversary. Dustin has found his passion in social justice advocacy on issues related to LGBTQ rights, BLM, and women’s rights.