Our Committees

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Education and Outreach

The Education & Outreach committee partners with other local, national and global LGBT organizations to provide education and resources for issues pertinent to the OKC LGBT community. If your passion lies in these areas and you would like to help, please volunteer!


The main objective of the Entertainment committee is to secure entertainment for our annual Pride Week. Volunteers on this committee get exposure to both local and national entertainers. Tasks include hospitality, travel arrangements and accommodations, contracts and venue arrangements. It’s a huge task, and we’d love to have your help!


The Events committee organizes, promotes and facilitates OKC Pride events throughout the year. Events can range from fundraisers to charities, from block parties to awareness activities, and everything in between. Volunteering with the Events committee is a great way to get, and stay, connected with the LGBT community in OKC!


The Festival is one of the centerpieces of the annual Pride Week festivities. Organization and logistics are important here. If you would like to help plan and organize this year’s Festival, drop us a line via email or the volunteer form!

Fundraising & Finance

The Fundraising & Finance committee explores ways to raise money for Pride activities that happen throughout the year. Fundraising & Finance are closely tied to Events. If you have experience in fundraising, or have community connections that you would like to volunteer for the Fundraising & Finance committee’s use, please let us know!


The Membership committee helps to organize and track OKC Pride membership, and makes an effort to grow our numbers through membership drives and promotions. Our community is diverse, and helping with the Membership team allows for broader exposure to all our members’ great qualities, personalities and talents. We would love to have you involved!


The Parade committee specifically focuses on planning and facilitating all aspects of the annual Pride Parade that occurs during the OKC Pride weekend in spring or early summer. Communication, organization and a head for logistics are important here. If you would like to help organize a great parade for the upcoming Pride Week, please send us an email or use the volunteer form to let us know!

Public Relations

The PR / Communications committee communicates directly with the press and membership through a variety of mediums, including print, digital and broadcast. If you have writing skills or a background in media and would like to help in those areas, then this committee is for you!


The Volunteers committee helps to connect volunteers (like you!) to the various committee chairs based on what your interests are. If you would like to volunteer, you can submit your volunteer form using the Volunteer Now! button at the bottom of any page on our site!