There have been a lot of inaccuracies reported via public and social media. We hope this clears up a lot of questions and confusion people have about our events and our organization in general. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Why is Pride Week in May instead of June?
Due to multiple incidents of heat exposure is past years, officials came to the conclusion that temperatures are simply too dangerous in June for Pride goers, Pride staff, and Pride event volunteers. OKC Pride will join many other cities in celebrating Pride in a different month. This will give Pride goers opportunities to visit other cities in June; including Tulsa. OKC Pride plans to celebrate the Stonewall Riots in June by holding a candlelight vigil in June.
So what are the dates, times, and where?
Click here.
Festival: Was moving the festival downtown is an evil conspiracy to undermine the Gayborhood??
Again, the Parade will stay where it's always been. The Strip on 39th St. is an integral part of community identity. OKC Pride will be there on Sunday, May 20 to host its 25th annual Pride Parade in celebration of our diversity. There are several reasons why the Festival moved this year: Offering an additional venue attracts a broader range of the community, like those with families or who aren't interested in bars. Feel free to visit both venues! The commercial zone downtown has fewer restrictions than residential areas and city parks. With brand new streets, sidewalks and ample lighting, Film Row offers a safer, more accessible and cleaner infrastructure for vendors and visitors. Selecting a downtown district being revitalized with public and private money reminds the city of the galvanizing role gay people play in many transitioning neighborhoods throughout the city.
Festival: Is there bad construction? Will I have to pay $20 to park in BFE?
This section of town has great streets and parking galore! Super easy to reach from Classen or the I-40 exit northbound on Western, Film Row is only two blocks west of Myriad Gardens/Devon Tower and two blocks south of Civic Center Music Hall. Convenient OKC Pride parking will be available for a reasonable fee, and 100% of the funds raised go towards fulfilling the organization's mission of serving the LGBT community.
Festival: Is Film Row, the new festival location, safe?
The city and property owners have invested millions in the artistic renovation of this historic section, and new street lighting was installed in April. Film Row is host to other events, such as MANifesto, the deadCENTER Film Festival, and IAO gallery events. In addition to an OKC Police Department located just two blocks north of Film Row, hired security will be present for the duration of both the Festival and Parade to ensure everyone's safety.
Since we moved the festival to a new location, are we trying to change the GLBT community?
OKC Pride embraces an inclusive philosophy and believes everyone should be themselves. The downtown Festival will cater to the LGBT community, but encourages fellow citizens - of every size, shape, color, nationality, creed, sexual orientation or political affiliation - who believe we are stronger due to our differences to join the festivities celebrating diversity in OKC. This reinforces what we believe is a self-evident truth: that all people, regardless of their sexual orientation, are entitled to the same liberties and opportunities, dignity and respect.
Festival: I've never heard of Film Row, what's it all about?
Film Row is a historic part of downtown OKC with great architecture and a fascinating past. Community organizers started working together with the city and investors to save this part of the city over the last decade. Millions of dollars later, historic Film Row is now undergoing a renaissance and is on its way to becoming a “Bohemian Bricktown” of sorts. Creative industries like film productions, art galleries, design studios and magazine publishers are attracted to this fresh, hip new area located in the heart of downtown OKC. Come and be part of the birth of a new city district!
All: Who can attend OKC Pride 2012 events?
We encourage everyone to attend. This is family-friendly affair.
What's the difference between our festival and our parade?
 The festival is located in Downtown OKC on Film Row just southwest of the new Devon Tower. The festival will feature musical entertainment, exhibitors, food vendors, and other fun activities.    The parade is in it's usual spot on "The Strip" near 39th & Penn. The grandstand will be in the Angles lot.
  • Saturday, May 19 – Festival, 11am-10pm, in Film Row, Downtown OKC. (Sheridan and Lee)
  • Sunday, May 20 – Parade, 6pm step-off
Festival: What items can I bring into the festival? (Ice Chest, Lawn Chairs, Etc.)
As with any major festival, no ice chest(s), backpacks, vehicles, or large storage devices will be allowed inside the festival.  Pride goers can bring lawn chairs.
All: Will there be alcohol at the Festival and Parade?
OKC Pride will have a 3.2 beer tent. You must be 21+ to drink. We always I.D.- We encourage everyone to drink responsibility. Additionally, there will be multiple food and non-alcoholic beverage vendors.
Parade: What is the parade route?
The same as last year. Begins at 36th & Classen. North to 39th & Classen. West to 39th & Penn. Ends at 39th & Barnes.  The grandstand will be located adjacent to Angles. More info.
All: Is the parade and festival free?
Yes, both events are free to attend. There is a fee to have a booth at the Festival or a entry in the Parade. If interested in a booth or parade entry, sign up here. 
What is our mission? Who are we? Do Pride organizers make money off this event?
No. In fact, Pride officials are volunteers and they juggle organizing Pride with their personal jobs because they have a passion for the community. OKC Pride would simply not happen if it wasn't for hard-working volunteers. Want to become a volunteer? Sign up here! 
Are we really building a health center?
Yes.  Because of the success in 2011, we were able to secure a partnership with one of Oklahoma's finest healthcare organizations. While we have a long way to go, plans are in the works!
Is OKC Pride in financial trouble?
No. Thanks to continuing support from our community and the diligence of its board, OKC Pride is debt-free and expects to end the current fiscal year (ending Sept. 30, 2012) with money in the bank. If you would like to donate to OKC Pride, click here.