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Pride Guide “Shout-Out’s” Guidelines & Disclaimer

What is Pride Guide Shout-Out’s?

Pride Guide Shout-Outs are similar to personal ads one would publish in a newspaper, craigslist, or other publication. It gives Pride goers an opportunity to publish non-commercial content to an audience of over 10,000. It gives the community a voice! Example:

Create Your Own - Example
We Create It - Example

What does non-commercial mean?

Anything that is not associated with an official business, organization, corporation, or campaign. (This is what our Pride Guide ads are for.) You can publish political messages, thank you messages, “shout-outs,” love messages, or anything else OKC Pride deems acceptable.

Why Pride Guide Shout-Outs?

It gives you the opportunity to surprise your partner, friend, or family. It gives you the opportunity to reach thousands of readers.  Over 10,000 copies of the Pride Guide will be printed and available online. It gives you a voice you have never had with OKC Pride before. This will be a keepsake and souvenir item you can keep forever.


Any non-commercial ad can be published. (As aforementioned) Anything you can put inside a 2.3 inch wide by 1.75 inch tall ad; text and photos included. You have the option to increase the height of your ad by another 1.75 inches. The maximum size of your personal ad can be 2.3” inch width by 3.5” tall.  Color print is available. All ads are subject to approval by OKC Pride Inc.  OKC Pride will deny any submission deemed unacceptable, offensive or obscene, without explanation and with a full refund. OKC Pride Inc. deserves the right to reject any ad submitted, for any reason, without explanation. OKC Pride Inc. deserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time. OKC Pride Inc. is limited to a certain number of ads. Ads will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.






2.3”x1.75” – Color

$40.00 Inside at Random


2.3”x3.5” – Color

$80.00 Inside at Random


2.3”x1.75” – B/W

$34.00 Inside at Random


2.3”x3.5” – B/W

$68.00 Inside at Random

*All ads subject to availability & approval and cannot be guaranteed.

Optional Rainbow Border

Submitter will have the option to add a rainbow border to their ad. The border will be 1/8 inch or less.  (Enough for visibility.)  The border will be added to the inside of the allotted dimensions.

You Design (Optional)

You can submit your own ad given the guidelines above. Pictures and color are allowed. Submissions should be print and file-size ready. The file type submitted would be the final file type printed. No alterations or proofing will take place.

We Design

You can also have OKC Pride design your ad. No pictures will be allowed.  Color is allowed. Your header (if applicable) will appear in black. The main body of your text will appear in the color you chose during submission.  The design will be basic and will not be subject to approval by the submitter.  The message you submit will be copy & pasted directly onto the ad.  You are allowed up to 170 main-text characters and 20 header characters. (Including spaces) We will strive to make your font 12 point. Your font will be bigger if you submit less content.

Submission Deadline

The last day for submission will be April 1st, 2012 at 11:59pm. No exceptions.

Can’t pay online with Paypal?

Paypal offers payment through your personal Paypal and all major credit cards. If you can’t pay this way, continue to submit the form online. Check “No” when it ask you if you’re using Paypal on the form.  Remit your payment to:

OKC Pride
ATTN: Shoutout’s
PO Box 12240
Oklahoma City, OK 73157-2240

Need help?

Email us


YOU MUST AGREE TO THE BELOW DISCLAIMER BELOW before OKC Pride Inc. will publish any ad. All submissions must be completed online.


I, ________(SUBMITTER)___________________________________, hereby authorize

_______________OKC Pride Inc______________ (organization/project or project sponsor) to use,  reproduce, and/or publish photographs and/or video that may pertain to me or people inside photo—including my image,  likeness and/or voice  without compensation to anyone inside photo. I understand that this material may be used in various publications, public affairs releases, recruitment materials, broadcast public service advertising (PSAs) or  for other related endeavors. This material may also appear on the corporation’s or organization’s Internet Website and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc.).

This authorization places no liability on the publisher, writer, printer, or any other organization entity for publishing photos of multiple individuals inside the photos. By submitting this authorization, I, SUBMITTER, acknowledge I have received written permission from other individual(s) in the photo to be published in the current year OKC Pride Guide. OKC Pride deserves the right to request these signed written authorizations at anytime.

This authorization is continuous and may only be withdrawn by my specific rescission of this authorization. Consequently, the corporation or organization may publish materials, use my name, photograph, and/or make reference to me in any manner that the Corporation or project sponsor deems appropriate in order to promote/publicize service opportunities.

I, SUBMITTER, agree to the following guidelines and disclaimer. By digitally entering my name and selecting the submit button, I have given authorization and I agree to the above conditions.